Wiring solutions for electrical appliances
Cablaggi per forni professionali
Cablaggi per forni professionali
Cablaggi per forni professionali
Cablaggi per forni professionali



Cabloveneta has a Technical Office where daily ANALYSIS, CONSULTING and DESIGN activities are carried out in relation to electrical wiring, based on the specifications imposed by the customer and, if required, on the advice of Cabloveneta technicians, for the achievement of an optimized product especially in terms of costs;


After the development of a design, Cabloveneta provides the customer with one or more physical samples for the approval or development of new projects. Thanks to its internal warehouse and to the extensive network of contacts with suppliers in the industry, Cabloveneta is able to meet the most various needs of its customers and always has in stock:


The processing of the raw material takes place via automation systems, and is made up as follows:


The final assembly stage, on the contrary, is carried in a craftsmanlike manner, i.e. is made entirely by hand. During the assembly stage, the wiring is completed by inserting, where appropriate: sheath, plastics and accessories, multiple connections and clamps, whereby the wiring is given the most adequate form to the production line or to the electrical appliance for which it is intended.

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